19 Inventory Management Experts Reveal the Single Most Effective Strategy Companies Can Use to Reduce Inventory Costs

Jan. 5, 2015


Jeffrey Karrenbauer, INSIGHT's President, is one of 19 inventory management experts that Camcode asked the question: “What’s the single most effective inventory management strategy or technique companies can use to control and reduce inventory costs?”

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How to Assess Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Sept. 8, 2014

Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Magazine

A supply chain vulnerability/risk assessment should be an integral part of an overall supply chain strategy analysis.  This article explains how to conduct a proper vulnerability analysis.

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Finding the formula for the travelling salesman problem

June 18, 2014

The Register

What do heuristics, graph theory and doughnuts have in common? Each of them, in its own way, underpins one of the most challenging parts of the logistics process: planning delivery routes.

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INSIGHT SCOREKEEPER Opens Up New World of What-If Scenarios

May 7, 2014

Supply&Demand Chain Executive

INSIGHT SCOREKEEPER integrates optimization and simulation in the same supply chain network design tool.

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Simulation Meets Optimization

Apr 16, 2014

FoodDigital, by Sasha Orman

INSIGHT Inc. President Jeff Karrenbauer discusses the release of SAILS and Insight Enterprise Optimizer 4.7, and the new feature that is poised to change the industry.

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Mitigating Your Supply Chain Risk: Part Three

April 16, 2013

FoodDigital, by Sasha Orman

Dr. Jeff Karrenbauer discusses the first steps of assessing your supply chain's risk strategy.

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From Green to Black Ink

May 1, 2013

World Trade WT100, by Dan McCue

Multi-tier supply chain sustainability is the only way to reduce overall environmental impact.

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Mitigating Your Supply Chain Risk: Part Two

April 15, 2013

FoodDigital, by Sasha Orman

Dr. Jeff Karrenbauer discusses corporate risk assessment pitfalls and new dangers for the modern world.


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