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INSIGHT provides strategic supply chain planning solutions and consulting services for the world’s largest companies in the consumer packaged goods, food/beverage, chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical, oil/gas, and manufacturing industries. Products include:


INSIGHT Enterprise Optimizer: Optimal supply & demand synchronization plans that encompass the entire supply chain, including marketing.


INSIGHT SAILS: Award-winning strategic supply chain design product.


INSIGHT SCOREKEEPER: The most powerful supply chain simulation model for supply chain networks.


INSIGHT Transportation Optimizer: Create a mathematically optimal transportation dispatch plan that lowers costs and streamlines operations.


INSIGHT Bid Optimizer: Transportation bid optimization solution.


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Our partners have been trained and are experienced using our products.


Arterial (Singapore)

Centroid Group

Dybvig Consulting


Harkness Wilder


Academic Partners


Our software is used in classrooms in many of the top management and logistics programs including:

Arizona State University

Boise State

Naval Postgraduate School

Ohio State University

University of Missouri-St. Louis

Univeristy of Notre Dame

University of Rhode Island

University of Wisconsin




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